piatok 4. januára 2013

P.F. 2013

...what I wore...


like-ing my afro


...from this moment we were just falling down...down to hell
bye bye


12 komentárov:

Despina T. povedal(a)...

lovely outfit!perfect for new year :)

Tereza povedal(a)...

závidím sukni :)

dievča v čiernej košeli povedal(a)...

jaká ovečka :DD ako si dosiahla také super brčky?

herzueberkopf povedal(a)...

Nice outfit! I really like black and gold in combination.

best wishes


julianna povedal(a)...

ou aké vlasy!!paráda.
a tie boty zo zary, ách, ja som mala pocit, že v nich mám ale 45 nohu, strašne mi ju predlžovali, ale sú krásne.
a zlaté doplnky sú tip top.

Wera povedal(a)...

uplne krasne fotky. vsetky :)

life is style povedal(a)...

hi sweetie, great blog u have!
ty for your lovely comment!
following now! kisses :)

The Londonian Girl povedal(a)...

Aw such a cute post!
I found you through my sisters blog, would you like to follow each other?
I follow you first, hope you do the same?
Have a lovely day!

Grace Howard povedal(a)...

Fabulous NYE outfit! Casio watches forever haha <3
G xo

Caro * povedal(a)...

So pretty. Beautiful outfit, I love the skirt :)

Care povedal(a)...

Your to much! Stunning girl! Looks like you brought in New Years the right way.

samanadsebou povedal(a)...

To afro je super :)
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