utorok 17. decembra 2013


...there is a time when everything (else) seems unimportant...
especially clothes...
...those times when you don't care what you have on?
now is that time
(even if I have many ideas in my head...many inspirational ideas)
there is NO power

pondelok 9. decembra 2013


Top Urban Market Stylista Winter 2013
I don't know how
I don't know why
but I did it
and Im happy and thankful
special thanks to:
Zuzana Fajta and FashionUrbanMarket.... who (kicked my ass and) made me enter this competition
Veronika Strapkova who was the most beautiful model
Zdenka Hermanova who created the lovely nude make up
and of course!
Cina and her drevena helena (dress and sweater)
playbag (handbag)
nemamconaseba (beanie + necklace)
photos by Lucia Jesenska
my iphone

piatok 6. decembra 2013

gray lady

fok! La-what?! naaaaaaaaaaaah!
morninGrey...grey is good
all day
every day
(especially with black or white)
timeless classic