pondelok 14. januára 2013


your eyes
my soul
my face
(I higly recommend it)
 skin looks just perfect with Guerlain Metoeorites Perles

Daily trio


my HERO - looks&feels so natural!

first wrinkles killer
ooooh - la - la
...I HAD TO!!!

Have a SEXY one... 

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Bonnit-S povedal(a)...

to je asi najkrajší tanier aký som kedy videla :)
a super napád, veľmi sa mi páči prvá fotka na pravo :)

Care povedal(a)...

Good thing you explained because I would totally eat those:) So beautiful, love it!

life is style povedal(a)...

great post :)
great idea for taking pictures like that :)

Caro * povedal(a)...

Great presentation of fabulous products :)

Vivid povedal(a)...

Fantastic post! Like it so much! : )

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