streda 20. marca 2013

Spring fever

 fight spring fever without a real spring is not THE real fight...
...have a nice&sunny wednesday

pondelok 18. marca 2013


...crazy times are back...
so here are some of "non posted"
hope you enjoy them anyway

cold and sunny

dress and vest (in one)

favorite sweaters

winter romance

dead flowers
PS:...I knew that spring was just one big lie...

piatok 8. marca 2013

streda 6. marca 2013

stripes and liars

It looks like a spring...
...but I know theyre lying!

Yes, I do like scarfs. (now)
Yes, I do like Flight. (movie)
Yes, I do like D.W. (more than a movie)
Yes Im tired.
and Yes I cant wait till fridaaaaaaaaaay...
what about you?
how are you feelin?